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Due to the nature of our business we collect testimonials confidentially to respect the names and privacy of each participant's experience. If you'd like to speak to past clients about our services, we'll happily get you in touch with real live people to vouch for their results.


My trust issues are real – it shows up in so many areas of my life.

"The Leadership Academy taught me how to identify and communicate through my feelings and help others do the same." 

"I’m more confident in myself and the skills I bring to the table."

"This program helped me realize things aren't personal. Talk about life changing."

"I realized asking for help shows strength and allows me to develop others."  

"Now I know and understand my "crazy", which helps me empathize and communicate better with others."

"I realize the importance of self-care and refueling my energy. It's not selfish it's a necessity."

"I’m much better at stepping back and listening to new perspectives."

"I am a way better person than my ego leads on. She is really mean."

"I no longer judge other’s personalities and struggles instead I can relate."

"My problems and ego are just like everyone else’s. It's crazy how we  justify our own isolated island."

"I have the difficult conversations immediately and avoid making assumptions."

"I no longer dismiss people because they have a different perspective."

"I am learning to be a better coach and mentor instead of just a manager."

"I learned how to take a step back and find the positive in all situations."

"I am very familiar with my ego’s talk and I realize it beats me up often."