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"This is an eye-opening experience. I've learned to slow down and stop reacting toeveryday problems. Now I can make the right decisions, at the right time. It has really changed the dynamics of our team."

Anny, HR Director, Team Movement For Life




From startups to Fortune 500s, the need for positive change is sought within every area of business—technology, R&D, product and services, operations, and onward. So, why is it so easy for leaders to accept and implement changes that improve the caliber of a company’s product, features, and functionalities? But implementing a program that truly improves the caliber of their company’s human collateral is often questioned if it’s a good investment, a short lived effort, or a series of checked boxes leaving very few long-term results?




Many companies offer well-intended opportunities that expose employees to “training” sessions in hopes of improving their leaders through industry best-practice suggestions. Although this built-for-the-masses “training” can offer temporary morale boosts, they frequently fail to change patterns of action for the longterm. Operating within a forum that can’t address leaders on an individual-by-individual basis or deal with the unique motivators that determine their behaviors within a group dynamic — these efforts often serve as nothing more than a band-aid fix. Management is then left to wonder why morale, communication, team alignment, and leadership productivity (to name only a few) remain stagnant, or worse, head downward despite a company’s “impressive sales growth.”




Companies do want to improve the human side of their business. After all, dealing with the humans is usually the hardest part of everyone's job. But despite their best intentions, good money is thrown at attempts that approach leadership and team improvement as if their employees are all the same and they can follow a simple manual to be better. Training is something most of us humans dread and will try to avoid at all costs. Development however, is something we embrace and look forward to doing. It’s nuanced, contextual, collaborative, fluid, and above all else, it's actionable.





The type of change that inspires your team members to be more successful than they ever thought possible?

Well, that's the irony. We don't change anything. THEY do!

This Academy is different than other programs. It addresses the “human” component for great leadership and teamwork. No matter what their role is within your organization they will show up differently and be better than they were yesterday.

The Academy is all about self-awareness and ownership. It looks at the Ego and the unconscious behaviors that hold your leaders and team members back from communicating effectively and inspiring everyone to be their best.

A digital academy that elevates both current and future employees.

Creates a consistent language to help align and encourage everyone on the team to be more successful.

Unlimited mobile access to 50+ videos and activities.

Live bi-monthly Q&A Calls.​

Daily discussions and resources available through the Mindful Choice Community.

Train the Trainer Guide - To help your leaders facilitate team discussions and meetings as their teams go through the program.





“Training” is an effective way to teach a process or a system. It seeks to bring about change as a result of suggestion, reiteration, and repetition of industry accepted generalized “norms.”

Leadership and human behavior, however, requires “development” - the expansion of creativity, solutions, and ideas. It’s about evolving, motivating and inspiring change on a human level.

Mindful Choice has built specific workshops and tools to develop leadership through collaboration, innovation, accountability, alignment, and most importantly to achieve longterm results - fast!

We provide the tools and guidance so everyone on your team can step into their own leadership and become more self-aware of their own perspectives and triggers, recognize their true impact, and make the adjustments needed to achieve the desired results.

Self-awareness is key to maximizing potential and uncovering individuals and leaders who can take your team to unexpected levels of success.




At Mindful Choice we build programs and tools designed specifically to deconstruct the process of how a person leads and shows up. Before addressing the commonly analyzed “WHAT” do your team members do (i.e., decisions, actions, behaviors), we start by understanding “WHY” they do these things. Once a person has a conscious understanding of their own thoughts and motivations behind their “WHY’s”, that is when they can transform and change “what” they do and how they show up.

Our programs are driven by the belief that everyone on your team, especially leaders, must be aware of their own internal thoughts, motivations, and assumptions. This way, they can see the direct relationship between those internal thoughts and assumptions with their external patterns of action and behavior. It’s an “inside-out” realization that empowers everyone on your team to see the relationship between how their unconscious habits and beliefs, directly impact their overall success and effectiveness on the team.


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Over the last 10 years we've transformed thousands of leaders within many organizations including:

Mindful Choice Leadership Academy Impact

"This program normalized all my problems. Investing in yourself is the biggest gift you can offer your world! It's crazy how similar everyone is but we all feel like we are on our own island. Everyone should work with Christie. It will change everything."


Art Director, Airbnb

"I've learned to see new perspectives and stay open-minded when I'm frustrated. I learned to empathize with others."


Project Manager, MGE Underground

"I found a way to be both a passenger and partner without losing my power or value."



President, Team Movement For Life

"Improved peer relationships - I communicate more effectively which has gained me more respect and credibility from my peers and superiors."


Marketing Director, Tech Startup

"I thought I was doing great and I didn't think I needed any help. The self-awareness is life changing. Learning about the Ego helped me realize all the things that are holding me back. I couldn't imagine being in a leadership role without this knowledge."

Future Leader, W. Hill Community College

"The Leadership Academy taught me how to identify and communicate through my feelings and help others do the same. I'm learning to be a better coach and mentor instead of just a manager."


Clinic Director, Team Movement For Life

"Learning about the different egos helped me to communicate with empathy and understand the people in my life and business so much more. It has changed my relationships in a surprising way"

Project Manager, Basic Agency




Christie Garcia is a Leadership Coach, Speaker, Facilitator, and the Founder of Mindful Choice. After ten years within the walls of corporate business, working as a recruiter and in sales management in the healthcare industry, Christie increasingly grew frustrated watching talented individuals be promoted to management and fail to reach their leadership potential.

She began to realize that these shortcomings were a result of the lack of resources available to develop managers into great leaders. These individuals had been praised for years based upon their own individual success (the “I” mentality). However once promoted, they struggled to turn the corner and adopt a big picture perspective and the “We” mindset. There was an unrealistic expectation and lack of guidance to help them transition into this new perspective and deeper level of self-awareness.

Christie realized that it was time to ditch the “old training model” and create programs focused on developing leadership effectiveness. She now seeks to reintroduce the human element into leadership development and immediately make an unignorable, positive impact on a person’s overall potential.

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